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What is YouBroadcastNetwork?

If you are not familiar with Internet radio, here is an explanation. Listeners access shows via computer and other Internet access devices. They can listen at any time on the Internet, or download shows to their MP3 players. The ability to listen on demand is one of the great benefits of Internet radio. Your listeners do not have to tune in at a specific time, they can access archives of your shows whenever they choose. YouBroadcastNetwork is the easy, affordable Internet radio network that can be hosted by anyone at any time from anywhere.

All you need to get started is a computer, Internet access, an idea, YouBroadcastNetwork and you're on the air. And if you're not a professional speaker or techie, don't worry, YouBroadcastNetwork makes it easy. Anyone can make quality shows.

Being A Broadcaster Is Easy With YBN

Ready to have your own Podcast? Just Register for your FREE two week trial and you're all set! Create your own Station identity with logo's, pictures, and a full description. Now you're ready to promote your show!

With today's technology, you can record your shows just about anywhere using any device. You can even divide your shows into segments for easy ordering and upload. Plus, you can edit your shows even after they're live.

When your show is ready, write a complete description with links, images, or even advertising links to promote products or services. Make your Broadcast available to everyone by clicking the 'Activate' button!