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Railing Kill Radio

Railing Kill's Brief History of B-Movie Riffing

In this show I'll dive into a brief history of B-Movie's in general and make an attempt to explain why I am what some would call 'obsessed' with the subject.

B-Movie riffing historyCase in point: From 2010 to 2016 I've spent just about every Saturday night with an online group of like-minded ne'er-do-wells watching some of the worst hand picked B-Movies available. And for me what makes these movies so enjoyable is watching them with people that 'get it'. To Riff (comment on) these wastes of celluloid with others is an entertaining group activity. It's like when friends gather for board game night... but without the nudity.

I'll talk about the history of B-movie riffing from it's humble beginnings in the 60's to it's present day online manifestations.

Links to some of the items mentioned:

My Master list of B-Movies (so far)

Free Underground TV


Fractured Flickers

Sample of Fractured Flickers... Caution: Funny as hell! Pause PodCast before watching

LA Connection - Mad Movies

Compilation of Mad Movies. If you don't laugh at this there's something wrong with you! Pause PodCast before watching


Incognito Cinema Warriors

ICW Intro Pause PodCast before watching

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Topic: Railing Kill's Brief History of B-Movie Riffing - Railing Kill Radio by Alan Schneider
5/5 (2)
Zap Rousdower
May 2018
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Zap Rousdower (US) says...

NOTE: This was recorded prior to the New MST3K episodes released on Netflix.

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