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Ep 116: 2020 Tournament Mock Draft

Ep 116: 2020 Tournament Mock Draft

Host: Matt Martens and Hunter Donaldson


The Galactic Council is just as into tournament season as we are, and as such they have voted for us to do an episode all about Tournament Drafting. We did an episode recently where we went over this year’s Draft Rules, but we didn’t get to expand on what those rules might result in. So today, we do a handful of Mock Drafts just to get a better look at what kind of strategic thoughts come up with drafting and what games can look like on the other side.


After that, there are TOURNAMENT UPDATES. We had three games by the time of this recording, so we have to talk about what happened. And AFTER THAT, there is three weeks worth of errata to make up for! This one is a chunker, so prepare your brain for two and a half hours of SCPT!

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