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The New Season Of Mystery Science Theater 3000 On Netflix

The new Mystery Science Theater 300 Season 11 cast

The New Season Of Mystery Science Theater 3000 On Netflix!

Way back when the Kickstarter campaign started and the thought of bringing back MST3K was first tossed about, some expressed concern that the new show was going to try and be an extension of the old tried and true format with characters that were going to be VERY hard to replace.

So, how does this newest reincarnation of a treasured TV show hold up? Well, listen to thew preview to find out :)

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Topic: The New Season Of Mystery Science Theater 3000 On Netflix
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Reality Observer (US) says...
Thanks for the podcast !!! I enjoyed it a lot. I pretty much agree with everything you mentioned in the new MST3K show. They do try hard to put on a good episode and seem to succeed in their efforts. Yes, the host segments need worked out a little better, but I will watch anyway, there is a joke buried in there needless to say. I just watched 'Avalanche', positively dreadful movie but prime MST3K material. Neil Patrick Harris cameo was good. I also saw Joel in the one before and he just ... Read More
29th April 2017 5:42pm
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Al (US) says...
Thanks as always. I'm trying to secure an interview with one of the admins at the Alaskan Bush People Exposed Facebook page for next episode!
29th April 2017 6:46pm
Reality Observer (US) says...
Oh yeah... That is a must do project...
Too bad there are not any 'reality' shows that take apart other reality shows such as ABP. You may be on to something here my friend.
I checked out the ABP Exposed page, great stuff there as on your FB page 'Alaskan ***** People'.

BTW, watched 'Beast Of Hollow Mountain' tonite, they are really in tune on that episode, very funny stuff...
29th April 2017 9:03pm
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