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Discover Arizona

by Chris Scott

Join Chris,  on or just click and enjoy one of our shows on Discover Arizona only on YBN It all begin when I was 10 years old in Milwaukee and I could not find a job because of my young age, so I played DJ and some one said "Hey this is a kid who can talk and play tunes at the same time" Today at 15 , ok maybe I'm a bit older than that I still can talk... The music from today is not the same as when I was 10, so I just talk now


How to recordyour show in 10 ez steps

1.log in On the top right of the home page ,click on host log in with your email and password: Helpful hint: (click save on the right hand side to save and when you go to log in it will remember you). 

2.Now click on the green log in tap 

3 Now you will see a welcome back page with your name and a green tap that will say record a new show, click on that green tab. 

4. Under general broadcast settings you can enter the topic of your new show.  

5. Below the topic line is a large area for any type of description you may want to type in about the show. You can have this blank if you want. 

6.Now scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see a green tap that has the word in green next. Click on this tap. 

7. In green you will see on the top of page, broadcast # and below that a red record tap and a green upload segments tap. The upload tap we will cover latter, for now you just want to record a new show.Click on the record tap button. 

8.Now you see a big red button and in small print microphone default ( if you need to add a mic and not use the built mic on your computer this is where you need to click so that it will "see your new mic" Most hosts will use a built in mic) Once you become a pro with your website at that time you may want to invest in a pro mic} Now click on the red button 

9.A new pop up will ask to allow the mic you have in use. Click allow WARNING once you click on allow, your recording will begin, so be ready to start the show! 

10.You now have 5 minutes to record and you can use only a few seconds or all 5 minutes. When you are done recording, click on the black button and your show will encode by isself. This is just a   way that the software on YBN creates your show. When the encoding stops on the lower right side it shows a save button. Click on that it will show upload, then when done it will show a download tap.Click on the download tab, You now will see a black screen and you can "hear" your show.When your show is done, above the screen on your tap that shows you broadcast network tab,close this tab by clicking on the small x next to the words you broadcast network. It will take you back to your recording screen. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT at this time you MUST CLICK ON THE TAB MY BROADCASTS Now look for the show you just recorded and nad you now will see a red n next to the new show. click on the double arrow signs to make the n become a Y At this time a blue screen will appear andyou need to click on back to broadcast editor You mat see an error sign, and that's oj, just sign out now on the top right tab.

Now have fun and record as much as you like.......It's YBN 



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