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In the year of 1800 BC I started my cooking exploration

I started in the mom and pa palace restaurant Blue Plate specials. Then I moved on to my first steak house. I was sixteen years old. I liked the Supper club setting and after 2 years I moved onto another restaurant with the recommendation of a piano player that has said I was to good for the El Dorado and told me I should try to get a job at the world renowned Pfister Hotel that was owned by the Marcus Corporation and he would introduce me to the chef.

History was made and I started 2 weeks later. For the next 10 years I worked there and met many

celebrities such as Red Skelton, Phyliss Diller, Joan Rivers, Ken Berry, Barbie Benton to mention a few. I worked with 2 world class chefs there and learned a tremendous amount

I then left the Pfister Hotel and was hired to open another chain restaurant that was also a part of the Marcus corporation called the Captains Steak Joynt that was located in a suburb of Milwaukee and located near Southridge Mall. After several more years at that restaurant and more management experience.

From being at the steak houses, I had another opportunity to open another restaurant that came to the

Milwaukee area--- the Olive Garden. The store I had was one of the largest in the state and even in the country in which I managed approximately 225 employees.

I then found another venture in running a Banquet hall where I was the owner operator and did all the weddings, anniversary, birthday, Christmas parties and also the functions for the West Allis Rotary.

I wore many hats--- as I was the chef, manager, bartender, event planner of all parties, and even made wedding cakes. I was in-charge of 25 employees and to say the least the stress of all the years in the restaurant business had taken a toll on me and I needed to take off for a few years.

After that took place I thought I would shake up things and I stared looking into opening up a BBQ restaurant with my wife and daughter.

The word got around that there was excellent place for BBQ and before I knew it we were working 7days a week and getting about 250 guest per day.

Where we were located, the property was sold and then I hung it up. Again the health reasons came into play and I needed to take it easy for another few years.

So from that point another local sports bar restaurant opened in the same area and I was tracked down to implement some more BBQ for them. I\'m currently smoking ribs, pulled pork and brisket. I\'m doing it in a much smaller scale but it is also going over very well

So to make a long story short-- that’s how history was made !

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